Take the hard work out of your records capture with EzeScan!

At EzeScan, we have been helping our government customers worldwide with their digital transformation journeys since 2002.

“making digital work” is what we do, through the use of innovative technology that is constantly evolving to satisfy records keeping requirements and the overall goal of government to deliver exceptional services to their citizens. With the volume of paper-based records slowly decreasing, the volume of digital born records has increased, and the big problem for records capture has remained the same for both…... “Data Entry is not much fun”! In fact, it can tedious hard work. At the core of every EzeScan capture solution is the concept of “business process digitisation”. The alignment of records capture as a function of the business process in order to add value to the desired outcomes and not just records keeping as a function of compliance. EzeScan helps put your information to work!