What Scanners Are Supported By EzeScan?

Supported Scanner Vendors

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Supported Scanner Drivers

TWAIN Scanners

EzeScan PRO includes built in TWAIN scanning support, so it will work directly with most TWAIN compliant scanners. Scanners supporting the TWAIN 1.9 specification or higher should work with EzeScan. Most well maintained TWAIN drivers are now at least TWAIN 2.0/2.1/2.2 compliant.. We suggest using TWAIN for production batch scanning.

ISIS Scanners

There is an optional ISIS scanning module available for purchase which will provide ISIS support for ISIS compliant scanners. There is no real need to use ISIS if you already have a TWAIN compliant scanner.

WIA Scanners

EzeScan PRO includes built in WIA scanning support, so it will work with most WIA compliant scanners. WIA (Windows Imaging Acquisition) is very lightweight and best suited to scanning single pages at a time, not batch scanning of multiple pages or documents. We suggest to only use WIA when no other drivers exist for your scanner.

Digital Photocopiers, MFP's and Network Scanner Devices

Simply scan to a network file share, and then use the standard import file/folder functionality in EzeScan PRO to import your scanned images into EzeScan for processing.

Choosing Your Scanning Device

Features to consider when selecting the right scanner:

  • Minimum and maximum document paper size (A4, A3, other)
  • Simplex vs Duplex (single sided vs double sided)
  • Scanner speed (PPM - pages per minute/IPM - images per minute)
  • Scanner speed in black & white, grayscale and colour modes
  • Can you scan in landscape mode? It's faster to do this.
  • Correctly size the ADF (50,100, 250, 500, 500+ sheets)
  • Look for automated features (auto paper size, auto colour detection, auto threshold detection)
  • Ultrasonic multi feed detection and paper jam handling
  • Warranty offered (3 months, 12 months, extended)
  • Service delivery (is it return to base or onsite?)
  • Availability and cost of consumables such as cleaning kits and roller kits
  • How often will the consumables need to be replaced?
  • Are you back scanning? (large backlog with high volumes for months)
  • Or are you day forward scanning? (lower volumes per day)
  • Shorten a back scanning project timeframe by short term renting several scanning workstations (PC+ software + high volume scanners)
  • Do you need seamless integration with ECM, EDRMS, Finance or other backend systems?


Highly Recommended Scanners

Below is a list of scanners/devices that should work with the latest release of EzeScan 4.3. The following scanners are highly recommended by us because these Scanner Vendors regularly update their scanner drivers with new features and fixes.

We regularly test that these scanners will work with EzeScan. Some newly released scanners may be absent from the list below, because they have not gone through our Scanner Certification process. Some older scanner models have struck through because the Scanner Manufacturer has announced them as being End of Life (EOL), so we no longer accept support calls related to these scanners.

  • Canon DR-6010C
  • Canon DR-6030C
  • Canon DR-6050C
  • Canon DR-7550C
  • Canon DR-9050C
  • Canon DR-G1100
  • Canon DR-G1130
  • Canon DR-G2110
  • Canon DR-G2140
  • Canon DR-M140/M140II
  • Canon DR-M160/M160II
  • Canon DR-X10C
  • Canon Lide 20
  • Canon 330P
  • Canon 340P
  • Canon DR-2010C
  • Canon DR-2080C
  • Canon DR-2085C
  • Canon DR-2510C
  • Canon DR-3010C
  • Canon DR-4010C
  • Canon DR-5010C
  • Canon DR-5020 / DR-5080C
  • Canon DR-7080C
  • Canon DR-9080C
  • Fujitsu fi-5900C
  • Fujitsu fi-5950
  • Fujitsu fi-60F
  • Fujitsu fi-6130/6130Z
  • Fujitsu fi-6230/6230Z
  • Fujitsu fi-6140/6140Z
  • Fujitsu fi-6240/6240Z
  • Fujitsu fi-6670/6670A
  • Fujitsu fi-6770/6770A
  • Fujitsu fi-6400/fi6800
  • Fujitsu fi-7030
  • Fujitsu fi-7160/fi-7180
  • Fujitsu fi-7260/fi-7280
  • Fujitsu fi-7600
  • Fujitsu fi-7700
  • Fujitsu fi-7800
  • Fujitsu fi-7900
  • Fujitsu fi-4120C/4120C2/del>F
  • Fujitsu fi-4340C
  • Fujitsu fi-4530C
  • Fujitsu fi-4860C/4860C2
  • Fujitsu fi-5015C
  • Fujitsu fi-5110C
  • Fujitsu fi-5120C
  • Fujitsu fi-5220C
  • Fujitsu fi-5530C/5530C2
  • Fujitsu fi-5650C
  • Fujitsu fi-5750C
  • Kodak i1120/i1150/i1180
  • Kodak i1840/i1860
  • Kodak i2400/2600/2800
  • Kodak i2900/i2950
  • Kodak i3200/i3250
  • Kodak i3400/i3450
  • Kodak i4200/i4200+/i4250
  • Kodak i4600/i4600+/i4650
  • Kodak i5200/i5250
  • Kodak i5600/i5650
  • Kodak i5800/i5850
  • Kodak Ngenuity 9090DB/9090DC/9125 - New!
  • Kodak Sidekick 1400u
  • Kodak SCANMATE i920
  • Kodak Truper 3210/3610
  • Kodak Alaris S2080W
  • Kodak i1210/i1220 Plus
  • Kodak i1310/i1320 Plus
  • Kodak i1405/i1410/i1420/i1440
  • Kodak i150/i160


Other Supported Scanners

For the scanners listed below, our testing is normally done against the TWAIN driver.

  • Avision AD210/220/230/240/250/260
  • Avision AD332/335/345/370
  • Avision AD250F/280F/335F/345F/370F
  • Avision 121
  • Avision 122
  • Avision 210
  • Avision 220/220C2/AV220D2+
  • Avision 320/320D2+
  • Avision 600U
  • Avision 610
  • Avision 820C
  • Avision 830C
  • Avision 3200C
  • Avision 3200SU
  • Avision 3750
  • Avision 3850SU
  • Avision 8050
  • Avision 8300
  • Avision 8350
  • Avision IT8300
  • Brother MFC 9100C
  • Brother ADS-2600
  • Brother ADS-2400N
  • Brother ADS-2800W
  • Brother ADS-3000N
  • Brother ADS-3600W
  • Brother PDS-6000
  • Colortrac SmartLF Ci 24 (m, c and e models)
  • Colortrac SmartLF Ci 40 (m, c and e models)
  • Colortrac SmartLF Gx+ 42 (m, c and e models)
  • Colortrac SmartLF Gx+ T42 (m, c and e models)
  • Colortrac SmartLF Gx+ 56 (m, c and e models)
  • Colortrac SmartLF Gx+ T56 (m, c and e models)
  • Colortrac SmartLF SC 42
  • Epson GT-S50
  • Epson GT-S55
  • Epson GT-S80
  • Epson GT-S85
  • Epson DS-5500
  • Epson DS-6500
  • Epson DS-7500
  • Epson DS-50000
  • Epson DS-60000
  • Epson DS-70000
  • HP 4300C
  • HP 5200C
  • HP GX85
  • HP 7400
  • HP 7450C
  • HP 7800
  • HP 8250C
  • HP 9000 (Note: This scanner driver supports Auto Paper Sizing in its TWAIN driver, but not in its ISIS driver)
  • HP N9120 (Note: This scanner driver does not support Auto Paper Sizing in its TWAIN or ISIS driver)
  • HP 9250C

Please Note: In our experience HP are very slow to release driver updates for their scanners. So if something doesn't work you're stuck with it (unless we can figure out a workaround)

  • AS3690
  • AS7200
  • DS1225
  • Panasonic KV-S1026CU mkii
  • Panasonic KV-S2046CU
  • Panasonic KV-S1027C mkii
  • Panasonic KV-S1057C mkii
  • Panasonic KV-S2087
  • Panasonic KV-S3065CW
  • Panasonic KV-S5046H
  • Panasonic KV-S5076H
  • Panasonic KV-S7097
  • Panasonic KV-7065CW
  • Panasonic KV-S4065CL
  • Panasonic KV-S8127
  • Panasonic KV-S8147
  • Ricoh IS300E
  • Ricoh IS330DC
  • Ricoh IS450S
  • Ricoh IS200E
  • Ricoh IS760
  • Syscan DocketPORT 464
  • Syscan DocketPORT 465
  • Syscan DocketPORT 485
  • Xerox Documate 3125
  • Xerox Documate 3220
  • Xerox Documate 3640
  • Xerox Documate 4440
  • Xerox Documate 4760
  • Xerox Documate 4790
  • Xerox Documate 4799
  • Xerox Documate 4830
  • Visioneer Patriot 480
  • Visioneer Patriot 680
  • Visioneer Patriot 780
  • HP Multifunction Devices
    • EzeScan PRO & KIOSK - HP MFP and CMFP Models with built in scanner
    • EzeScan SERVER - HP MFP and CMFP Models with built in scanner and supports the HP MFP Digital Sending Software 4.1 and above
  • Infotec Multifunction Devices with built in scanner
  • Konica Minolta Multifunction Devices with built in scanner
  • Lanier Multifunction Devices with built in scanner
  • Lexmark Multifunction Devices
    • EzeScan PRO & KIOSK - Lexmark Multifunction Devices with built in scanner
    • EzeScan SERVER - Lexmark Multifunction Devices with built in scanner and supports the Lexmark Solution Composer software.
  • Ricoh Multifunction Devices
    • EzeScan PRO & KIOSK - Ricoh Multifunction Devices with built in scanner
    • EzeScan SERVER - Ricoh Multifunction Devices with built in scanner and GlobalScan NX Serverless 1.2x and above
  • Sharp Multifunction Devices with built in scanner
  • Toshiba Multifunction Devices with built in scanner
  • Xerox Multifunction Devices
    • EzeScan PRO & KIOSK - Xerox Multifunction Devices with built in scanner
    • EzeScan SERVER - Xerox Multifunction Devices with built in scanner and supports the Network Scanning Template option (NSA)

Important Notes

  1. We do not provide ongoing support for scanners that have been made End Of Life (EOL) by the scanner manufacturers. We will not modify our code to fix issues found with EOL scanners. We encourage our customers to upgrade their scanners every 3 years well before they become EOL.
  2. We strongly recommend using a scanner with a USB 2.0/3.0  connection (as we do not support scanners that use SCSI connections).
  3. It is your responsibility to confirm that your combination of scanner, interface card and TWAIN / ISIS / WIA driver will work with EzeScan. This is due to the fact that some manufacturers do not support WIA or ISIS. Most support TWAIN out of the box. Quite often the scanner drivers supplied on the CD with the scanner are outdated. Scanner manufacturers release new device firmware and drivers on a regular basis to fix driver problems that exist on their product CD's, or to release new driver features. Some older drivers may only work on 32 bit versions of Windows Operating Systems, and some drivers are not certified as Windows 7, 8  or 10 compliant. So we suggest that you make sure that your device firmware and scanner drivers are up to date, and work on your Windows OS before you start using EzeScan.
  4. If you are unsure about what type of scanner you have, drop us an email and we'll see if we can help you identify if it is TWAIN / ISIS / WIA compatible. We suggest downloading an evaluation copy of EzeScan to confirm that your scanner will work in a satisfactory manner with EzeScan.
  5. We have over 70 scanner models in our test lab and we are constantly updating our test scanners as manufacturers release new models.
  6. See also the Minimum PC specs for an EzeScan workstation.