Using professional services from EzeScan will help ensure that the scanning solution is implemented and end users will be using it to it's optimum performance.

EzeScan's range of consultancy services includes:

  • Analysis - of your document scanning/processing needs
  • Scoping - of a solution based on EzeScan's inbuilt functionality
  • Installation - of that solution in a timely manner
  • Training - on how to use that solution efficently
  • Support - for when things are not working like they are supposed to

Please Contact us for more information.

(Please note: that the Intellectual Property arising from any software enhancements made by Outback Imaging to the EzeScan software is always 100% owned by Outback Imaging, not the reseller, customer or other party)

Training Courses

We offer a range of training courses for EzeScan users and administrators. Our Administrator Training Course on our different modules provides individuals with the relevant information that will allow them to administer and operate our EzeScan module software efficiently.

Contact our support team to find out more.