Claire Henry, records manager at Elkington and Fife

The scanner, leased to us by EzeScan, produces a superior image quality of document even when the quality of the original is poor. It also uses optical character recognition technology to register every word in the document.. So, not only is it easy to get hold of documents but to search them as well.

It takes a lot of chargeable time to wait for physical files to come out of storage or to be reviewed or simply to search for the right file. This system saves us an enormous amount of time and effort, which translates into a higher-quality service – which, in turn, benefits the client by helping make their business more competitive

Jessica Nilsen, Senior Business Analyst, ECM at Pacific Life

Implementing the EzeScan solution was very simple. Once you understand the terms it is very easy for any user without technical experience to build the jobs. Once it’s set up and integrated into the content management system it is very easy for end users to build their own solutions. Once the EzeScan solution had been implemented they found the training extremely easy and only needed a single one-hour training session to become fully competent.

Ann Brombal, Samaritan Purse Australia

In 2014 I was invited by another NFP Organization to review a scanning application that they had implemented and was providing real efficiencies. I was so impressed with what was being presented to me. EzeScan was the solution we had been looking for, it had a lot to offer and its close integration with The Raiser’s Edge was very impressive. What really impressed our organization was the credit card redaction, as this was a very big issue that needed to be resolved for Samaritan’s Purse. EzeScan was fast and simple to install and the user support provided by EzeScan was excellent and continues to this day, with the vendor always being receptive to new and innovative ideas. It provided an easy to use application requiring minimal training with an intuitive interface.

Graham Jarvis, Director of Corporate Services, WhitSunday Regional Council

EzeScan has been amazingly helpful in getting the workflow setup and making it do what we need. Our team is thrilled with this product. It is increasing our productivity, accuracy and versatility. What more could we ask for. By working with the amazingly helpful team at Outback Imaging we have been able to set up our Ezescan product to have it do what we need it to do.2qq

Valter Guarino, Manager Records at the ODPP

The EzeScan solution from Outback Imaging perfectly suited our needs. It was a simple deployment with out-of-the-box connectivity with our Kodak scanners and HP TRIM. This solution has increased our productivity and improved timeliness, and we are now looking at enabling other divisions of ODPP to use the technology to help our business in the battle against paper. The Support from Outback Imaging has been excellent, whenever we have needed a hand to create a new workflow or transfer a license they have been very professional with quick responses and quality of service.